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Stroke Care Improvement Master Class

Dr Claudio Baracchini founded the Stroke Unit at Padua University Hospital in 2011. He explains how, after engaging the new Hospital Administration with a critical review on stroke care and revising the stroke pathway in June 2022, this hospital achieved diamond status in the ESO Angels Awards.

Blessings Through Raindrops

In his introduction to the first Angels Journey of 2023, JAN VAN DER MERWE pays tribute to a woman whose tragedy became the spark for an organisation dedicated to improve outcomes for stroke patients.

Building Their Legacy

They didn’t just start a new job, they started a new life and joined a new family. Three new Angels consultants report on the start of their mission to change outcomes for stroke patients in their countries.

How To Cross A Bridge When You Come To It

Portalegre lies so deep in the Portuguese interior that nurses working in the district hospital compared it to “the Azores without the sea”. To connect this landlocked “island” to the mainland, Angels consultant Inês Carvalho would need to build a bridge – or two.
Repubblica Ceca

Where There’s A Will There’s A Way

The last time the town of Most caught the world’s attention was the result of an epic feat of stamina and will. Now a team no less determined is putting Hospital Most on course for diamond status.

Perfect Pathway | Simulation Training In Kaunas

A state-of-the-art simulation centre at the biggest hospital in the Baltics has made the city of Kaunas synonymous with stroke care quality improvement in Central Europe.